Pregnancy Care by top obstetricians and gynaecologists in Singapore

Personalised and Compassionate care in Singapore for care for your precious pregnancy.

Gynaecological Care in Singapore

Trusted health screening and professional care by a gynaecologist in Singapore for your women’s health issues.

Gynaecological Surgery in Singapore

Advanced minimally invasive surgery and vaginal surgery in Singapore for your peace of mind. Gynaecology services and conditions we treat include uterine fibroids and ovarian cyst.

Pregnancy Care

Personalised and Compassionate care for care for your precious pregnancy.

Gynaecological Care

Trusted professional Care for your women’s health issues.

Gynaecological Surgery

Advanced minimally invasive and vaginal surgery for your peace of mind.

Trusted Professional Women’s Gynae Clinic in Singapore

Do you find yourself:

  • feeling fearful when you need to make your first visit to see a gynaecologist in Singapore?
  • anxious and confused about what to do next in Singapore when you discover your pregnancy with your first baby?
  • cringing at the thought of seeing a gynaecologist in Singapore for your annual pelvic examination or pap smear?
  • distressed about what to do when you discover you have fibroids ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids, bladder disorders (urine leakage) or womb prolapse in Singapore?

If any of these feelings about seeing obstetricians and gynaecologists in Singapore sound familiar, you are definitely not alone!

But did you know that your fear and anxiety may be preventing you from getting the best possible gynaecology care in Singapore?

Seeing a gynaecologist in Singapore or finding a gynaecology clinic for all your women’s health issues doesn’t have to be this stressful!

The key to finding a gynaecologist or gynaecology clinic in Singapore is to look for one who truly cares about your concerns and focuses on your well-being – a gynae whom many women have absolute trust and confidence in with experience in obstetrics and gynaecology. In Singapore, we are that clinic.

Welcome to PK Women’s Specialist Clinic in Singapore

PK Women’s Specialist Clinic Singapore, headed by Senior Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist Dr. Tan Poh Kok (1991 graduate of the National University of Singapore; a 1998 specialist graduate of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecology (UK)) is a modern women’s care facility in Singapore that provides compassionate, professional gynaecology postnatal care for your pregnancy and gynaecology conditions. We focus as much on your peace of mind as we do for your body and health.

Our hallmark is the trust patients put in us, and is what sets us apart from other gynaecologist in Singapore.

Our female patients come from both near and far in Singapore because they feel comfortable with us, and know they are in good hands.

PK Women’s Specialist Clinic Singapore serves patients in Singapore from Serangoon, Farrer Park, Potong Pasir, Hougang, Kovan, Sengkang and Punggol areas. We even have patients outside Singapore too!

We also provide obstetrics and gynaecology services to clients from neighboring countries, such as Indonesia, Malaysia, China, and Vietnam. It truly honors us that we have inspired such trust that patients outside Singapore will trust us as their gynaecologist and travel to see us.

Why Choose Us?

At PK Women’s Specialist Clinic Singapore, we can help you with:

Trust and Confidence

We believe in giving you honest and valuable advice and the best obstetrics and gynaecology care in Singapore that you deserve. Trust us in treating common women's health issues in Singapore like uterine fibroids and ovarian cyst with care. We offer minimally invasive surgery too.

Compassion and Understanding

We try our best to understand your female healthcare concerns with empathy and sympathy so as to provide you with the most appropriate and recommended obstetrics and gynaecology services in Singapore, and the support that you need.

Personalized and Experienced Care

Our philosophy is to provide you with attention and support tailored to your individual needs by a gynaecologist in Singapore. We are here to help you with a wide range of women’s health issues in Singapore so that you live better and healthier at every stage of your life.

The time you need

We take the time to listen to you so we can thoroughly understand your health issues and concerns before offering any obstetrics and gynaecology services or minimally invasive surgery in Singapore.

Satisfied and unparalleled experience

We try our best to make sure you are more than satisfied when you discuss your obstetrics and gynaecology issues with us. Many of our patients frequently tell us that the obstetrics and gynaecology care they receive from our Singapore women's clinic is something they've never experienced.

Google Reviews

  • review rating 5  Went to PK Women twice, Dr Tan is a very friendly doctor which willing to listen to my problems and understandable. The recept/ nurse (Amy) is very polite, helpful and friendky - unlike other gynae clinic i went before in Singapore was actually fierce. Will definitely visit again when needed.

    thumb Suki Ng

    review rating 5  Me and my husband had a very warm and helpful experience with every visit with Dr. Tan, he nicely hand over all the documents to me since I have to deliver my baby in Taiwan, I will be very happy to recommend all the pregnant mama can let Dr. Tan be the OB of them !!! See you soon Dr. Tan 😊

    thumb 江柔儀
  • review rating 5  I have been going to Dr. Tan for a couple of years before I got pregnant as recommended by my good friend. He took good care of me when I had some menstrual problems and I trusted his expertise. My pregnancy journey in the beginning wasn't that smooth as I had miscarried my first during the 4th week. Dr. Tan has been so encouraging and made me and my husband feel relaxed and at ease by keeping us positive after our difficult loss. Thankfully, 2 months later after the miscarriage we were pregnant again. We were very hopeful that this time around, our pregnancy journey would be a lot smoother but unfortunately it was a bit of a roller coaster during the first trimester. I had severe bleeding everyday due to a blood clot in my uterus which was located quite close to my tiny baby. Dr. Tan had helped us through this journey by taking really good care of me and giving me advice on what I needed to do to ensure that we give this baby the best chance of coming into this world successfully. After the first trimester, was our babymoon period and thank God, we had no more issues after the first 3 months. That is not to say me and my husband were not concerned every time we met with Dr. Tan, but he always reassured us as to how well we were progressing. 9 months later, our little angel was born and we couldn't have thanked Dr Tan and his staff enough for their help during the years, particularly the troubling times we had encountered. They will forever be in our thoughts when we explain our pregnancy journey to our Son. We cannot recommend them enough, nor thank them. We owe a lot to the team at PK Women's Specialist clinic. All the best - Myles, Dominic and baby Aiden.

    thumb Myles Barnes

    review rating 5  My wife, Charlene and I had a wonderful time at Dr Tan PK clinic whenever we were there! The staff treated us like family and would always gave us advice as well! Dr Tan is an experienced gynecologist and we knew from start we were in safe hands. Dr Tan helped us delivered our 3 little bundles of joy and never rush thru each session. At times my wife and I would feel insecure about certain procedures but he would always assured us. Kudos to Dr Tan and staff!

    thumb Hong Wei Chin
  • review rating 5  During my pregnancy, Dr Tan strongly encouraged staying active to prevent and lower the risk of gestational diabetes. Fearing needles, I took his advice seriously from week 24 and started swimming regularly for an hour, 2 - 3 times a week, up until I delivered in week 38. Not only did I manage to keep away from the needles during pregnancy, the exercises gave me a higher pain tolerance and stamina that allowed me to experience natural delivery without any assisted pain management. Really thankful to Dr Tan for his constant reminders and encouragement throughout this journey to ensure I have a higher chance of experiencing the au-naturel delivery I've been aiming for 🙂

    thumb Ruo Yu Ong

Your Body, Your Way

We also understand that you may have questions and concerns. Thus, we make it a point to listen to you, and provide you with clear answers.

Together, we’ll explore all options, and go over all information, so you can make the best decision for you and your loved ones, or should you be deciding to start a family!

In the end, we strive to work together and help you be the healthiest you can be.

From general obstetrics and gynaecology to prenatal and postnatal care, contraception, female pelvic floor disorders, and minimally invasive surgery, we’re here to help with every stage of your life as a modern, educated woman.


Are you still feeling fearful or anxious about going to a gynaecologist in Singapore?

Let us help you with any female health issue you may have.

Dr. PK Tan works with women of all ages across Singapore on a wide range of women’s health issue, from prenatal care to natural birth and everything in between.


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