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Pelvic Floor Prolapse

Do you feel something falling out of your vagina?
Do you feel embarrassed or ashamed to tell anyone about it?

If you do, you are not alone.

It is something that not many women want to talk about.
It is a secret so shameful that many women are suffering in silence!
It is one of the most disturbing things that can happen to a woman.

It is called Pelvic Floor Prolapse.

It is medical condition that occurs when the normal support of your vagina is weakened or lost. And your bladder, rectum or your uterus will fall through the opening at the base of your vagina.

It can be scary and confusing. It can paralyse the quality of your life.
Many women find it shameful to discuss it. But up to 50% of all women will experience some form of pelvic floor prolapse at some point in your lifetime!

Lady suffering from pelvic floor prolapse

We can help

At PK Women’s Specialist Clinic, we have helped many women suffering from Pelvic Floor Prolapse regain their freedom and confidence with the range of appropriate conservative and surgical treatment.

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