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Having trouble deciding on a gynaecologist for your new baby?

These issues might be weighing on your mind:

“I don’t trust a public hospital to take care of me properly”

“Can I trust a newer doctor with delivering my child?”

“Can my doctor handle complications during childbirth?”

I don’t want my baby’s life in the wrong hands.

Recognised by his peers as an expert in childbirth. Dr. Tan Poh Kok is a perfect choice for any expecting mother that is looking for a gynaecologist they can trust.

Comfortable clinic, affordable packages and no hidden costs.

“The experienced gynaecologist you can trust”


Peace of mind is the most important thing for an expecting mother. At PK Women’s Clinic, you can rest assured that you and your baby are in good hands.

Being a new mother has its challenges. We understand your struggles and treat all our patients with empathy and sympathy.

No aspect of your pregnancy is beneath our concern. Feel free to speak your mind about any of your worries and we will do our best to dispel them.

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Your Pregnancy Journey with Dr. PK Tan

How often will I come in for checks?

Weeks 4 to 28 – 1 visit a month

Weeks 28 to 36 – 1 prenatal visit every 2 weeks

Weeks 36 to 40 – 1 prenatal visit every week

What information will I need to provide?

At PK Women’s Clinic, we are highly discreet and your personal information is kept in good hands. Dr. PK Tan will ask you about your:

a) Menstrual cycle

b) Lifestyle (smoking, drinking, medication use)

c) History of previous pregnancies and

d) Calculate your EDD using their pregnancy wheel

How does gestational diabetes affect a pregnancy?

With proper diagnosis and treatment, most women with gestational diabetes can have healthy pregnancies and babies. However, poorly controlled gestational diabetes can result in complications that affect both mother and baby.

Risks for the baby:

High birth weight.

Early birth.

Low blood sugar.

Breathing difficulties after birth.

Jaundice (yellowing of the skin).

Obesity or Type 2 diabetes later in life.

Adopting a healthy diet and exercising regularly are crucial to managing gestational diabetes. Women with gestational diabetes will also have to monitor their blood glucose levels at home using a glucometer. Some patients may require additional medication, such as oral tablets and injections, for the rest of the pregnancy.

What type of checks are provided?

An ultrasound scan will be done each visit to check on the growth of your baby.

Blood tests will be done to check for:

a) Red blood count as anaemia, due to iron deficiency, is common in pregnancy

b) Blood type and rhesus status to ensure that the chance of your body rejecting your baby is low

c) Glucose

d) Hepatitis B

e) Syphilis

f) HIV and

g) Thalassemia

Does this price include the gender test?

Yes, it includes the test for the baby’s gender, unless you specifically do not want the test.

Will you test for gestational diabetes?

Yes, you will be given an Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT) that will be conducted at between 24 and 28 weeks of pregnancy.

How will Dr. PK Tan guide me through my pregnancy?

Your Pregnancy Journey

Monitoring viability of the foetus

Week 6 - 16

Antenatal blood test +
Down syndrome screenings

Week 7 - 12

Foetus Anomaly Scan

Week 20

OGTT diabetes +
Growth and Progress Checks

Week 26 - 28

Standby for Signs of labour Delivery

Week 36

Dr. PK will walk you through each and every step of your pregnancy, explaining and answering all questions or doubts you will have. Every worry, no matter how small, is of legitimate concern to Dr. PK and his staff.

More than 1,000 satisfied patients.

I’m proud of my accomplishments and the documents hanging on my wall, but the things that really matter to me are the looks of trust in my patient’s eyes.


You can’t hang that on the wall, but it’s my shining achievement, nonetheless.


Dr. Tan Poh Kok

About PK Women’s Clinic

Serving expecting mothers for over two decades, PK Women’s Specialist Clinic, headed by Senior Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist Dr. Tan Poh Kok (1991 graduate of the National University of Singapore; a 1998 specialist graduate of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecology (UK)) is a modern women’s care facility that provides compassionate, professional care that focuses as much on your peace of mind as we do your body and health

Dr. PK Tan believes first and foremost in building up a culture of comfort and trust with his patients, using only efficacious and scientifically proven gynaecological techniques and procedures.


Designed to be affordable yet providing all the care needed to ensure a smooth
pregnancy, this package is specially designed for the first time parents that want to put their attention on preparing for the great and wonderful changes in life ahead.


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